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I’m typing this all tucked up in bed, having come down with a head cold. These are from a few days ago, before I went to the cinema with my friend to see ‘If I Stay’. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I haven’t read the book and I’m not big on watching trailers, so I was unprepared. If you don’t know much about it, what I can say is: expect sadness. I am someone who actively avoids watching overly sad things (I’m a comedy girl!) so it was a bit of a shock to the system, but being a long-time fan of Chloe Moretz and a now newfound fan-for-slightly-vain-reasons of Jamie Blackley, it was worth trying to avoid crying non-waterproof mascara all over my face!

And being in a cinema with a bunch of teenage girls is always an interesting experience, too. Though I think I still prefer going to see period dramas in the middle of the day when it will be packed full with the elderly. I don’t know why, but that always feels like magic to me. It makes me feel really happy. Maybe it has something to do with my feeling a lot older than I am, but all I know is that my experience of seeing Jane Eyre was only enhanced by the average age of the audience.

As for the outfit photos, all I can say is that my hair wasn’t behaving and I tried my hardest not to look awkward. My cat, Hamish (three legs, very superior attitude), had a brief stint of spending all his time on my bed (before I got sick of his hair covering everything) so I told him he had to work for his keep. He wasn’t that thrilled by it…

Literary Interiors: Slytherin Common Room

modcloth claw candle, slytherin common room, interiors, design modcloth chandelier, slytherin common room, interiors, design slytherin common room, interiors, design
Claw Candlestick
Lovely Light Chandelier
Vanity Mirror
Urban Outfitters
 slytherin common room, interiors, design  slytherin common room, interiors, design slytherin common room, interiors, design
Dragon Goblet
Antique Leather Books
Juniper Books
Westminster Cushion
Laura Ashley
slytherin common room, interiors, design slytherin common room, interiors, design slytherin common room, interiors, design
Bird Cage
The Interior Gallery
Display Cabinet
Laura Ashley
Silver Candleholders
My Two Designers

“Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

Slytherin, to me, is all tradition and opulence.
Never settling for second best, always striving for something more. There is a constant motion: the flickering flame of candlelight, the swish of a ball gown and the pouring of drinks, running down garden paths and over freshly cut grass to watch the sunrise. I don’t think anyone else loves more intensely than Slytherins, once their respect or admiration has been won, and oh, how they love it when the moon is out.

Here there is decadence, history, and quality.
Everything in the Slytherin Common Room is there to please the eye and the senses, it’s an angular kind of sumptuousness, a slight, haunting mystery. Plush materials, soft lighting, the smell of old books and decided sophistication. There is complete order and not a single hint of hesitation. You have to be supremely self-assured to make it in Slytherin, confidence, charm, and a quick mind will get you far.

Slytherin is my house (don’t pretend like you’ve never sorted yourself) and Harry Potter one of my most important influences, so it made sense for me to start my Interior Inspiration series here.

If you have a request for an interior style guide, send me an owl (write a comment).

SelectSpecs Australia Review

selectspecs, review, glasses, reading


I’ve been idly in the market for a new pair of reading glasses for a while, growing tired of my first pair and their heavy, slightly severe look (when I worked in a school library the students would say I definitely looked like a librarian), so when SelectSpecs Australia asked if I’d like to do a review in exchange for some free glasses from their economy range I said “yes please!”

After a bit of deliberation and worrying about what shape would suit my round face, the glasses I chose are the Savannah Animal Print. I put in my prescription, sent off my order, and waited. I had no idea what to expect, especially as the glasses I got from the optometrist had a significantly heftier price tag. Would they be terrible? Look cheap? Break in my hands? Well, when they arrived I could conclude, no, no, and no. I was surprised by the quality and altogether niceness, and they suited my giant moon head. Hooray!

The Rundown

The glasses are really lightweight, the lenses are great, and they’re really cute. Definitely a lot more fun and a lot less severe than my librarian specs. Since they’re made to your prescription, they take about 7-10 days to be made before they’re shipped out to you, and they arrived on my doorstep in good time and good shape, complete with a plastic case and cleaning cloth. Sometimes “discount” stores and companies whose main objective to sell things cheaply can have a bit of a not-so-nice vibe, reminding me of Matilda’s used-car-salesman father, but that certainly wasn’t the case with SelectSpecs. I’m really pleased with the product as well as the service!

I think affordable glasses are really important, especially when it’s just not possible for a lot of people to be spending $100-$200+ just to be able to see properly. I know what it’s like to have to miss out on specialist appointments and other health things (like the dentist…) because the cost is an issue, so I really love that there’s an such an affordable option for glasses out there!

I definitely recommend SelectSpecs to anyone wanting an affordable pair of glasses. All you have to do is get your prescription from your optometrist and away you go!

As Of Late


My Dearest X,

I’ve stuffed a bundle of little photographs into this envelope for you, as I know how you like them. Some are rather abstract, but the little details tell such a more interesting story than any photograph of me. Of course, you always laugh at the way I inspect myself in mirrors but I really do prefer what goes on inside me, I suppose because I have a choice in that matter. I don’t think I can help being vain, though, especially not these days. I get stuck inside on my own a lot, so I’m used to myself for company.

I know the exact face you’ll have made when you read that, and I know, I know, it’s not ideal. And I do find myself upset by the whole thing… I like the excitement of night times and how everyone puts on their best with hopes of making good impressions. I have a wardrobe full of evening dresses and absolutely nowhere to wear them. So I have had to make myself my own best friend… which can be difficult when I am excessively grumpy and feel sort of hopeless. Please come and save me soon!!!! Bring C and some of her amazing chocolate cake if she can manage it.

How is she, by the way? (This is a side-effect of my isolation, I’ve forgotten how to talk to people and end up talking continuously about myself, it’s awful!) The last time I saw her she couldn’t stop talking about that boy. Is he still in the picture? Bring him too, if appropriate. The more the merrier, really. We’ll have a feast. I feel like a very old woman who needs to keep lovely young things around her to keep her invigorated. Please don’t say “but we’re the same age, silly old thing” because you know we aren’t on the inside. I always think of you as about twelve, and I always think of me as somewhere between 60 and 100 depending on the aches of the day.

Let’s hope for 60 when you arrive.

Much love,

E. x

STYLE GUIDE: Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

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allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, jumper, sweater, outfits, wardrobe allison argent, style, fashion, wardrobe, guide, teen wolf, mtv, outfits allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, denim, jacket, outfits, wardrobe, how to
Hearts Jumper  Waterfall Jacket Denim Jacket 
 allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, wardrobe  allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, dress, white, lace, new look
Blue Skater Skirt Check Peplum Top White Lace Dress 
allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style guide, fashion, wardrobe allison argent, teen wolf, mtv, style, style guide, fashion, clothes, shoes, boots
Ankle Boots  Black Skinny Jeans Lace Up Boots


Hands up who misses Allison on Teen Wolf? Yeah, me too! I choose to ignore the event and pretend like everything is okay. I’ve been meaning to put together an Allison Argent style guide all year, as I have such fun maintaining Lydia’s, and Allison has such cool style of her own, so I’m glad it’s finally happened… if a little late. You could say this style guide me laying my metaphorical flowers, a tiny little tribute to Ally A. “Can’t I be strong and go to prom?” will forever be one of my favourite lines. Here’s to you, Miss Argent.

How To Get Allison Argent Style

I really admire the Teen Wolf style department. Allison’s style is very functional, with lots of jackets, boots, and clothes she can generally move freely in. Instead of having clean, structured cuts like Lydia, Allison’s silhouette has more flow and movement, and this pairs nicely with her athletic, always-in-motion nature. Dark, earthy colours define her palette, with a hint of florals and lacy accents to add a whisper of femininity. Above I have put together a few outfits with items on the Pinterest board (it’s fully shoppable – every Pin links to the shop where you can buy the exact item!). The key elements of Allison’s style are:

  • Boots - While she sometimes wears heels, by the end she was almost permanently in boots, either black or brown, both ankle and knee high.
  • Jackets - Leather in both Brown and Black, and Blue denim.
  • Flowing Dresses, Skirts and Tops – She favours items that flow below the hips, whether in the form of tops, dresses, or skirts. Dark and earthy colours, florals, greys and whites.
  • Jeans and leggings – Usually black
  • Basics – She layers a lot of basics, such a tops (short and long-sleeved) with cardigans, jackets, dresses etc.

You can keep these elements in mind when you go shopping, or you can simply shop from my Allison Argent Style Guide Pinterest board to make things easy. All items are handpicked by me and updated regularly to include newly available products!

Don’t forget to check out the Lydia Martin Style Guide too and let me know what you think!

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